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The #Northwestern403b Decision: What Next For Plan Sponsors?

This past Monday, SCOTUS issued its much anticipated decision in Hughes v. Northwestern University (#Northwestern403b) The original issue before the Court was whether or not the plan participants had properly plead their case in their complaint. The lower courts had … Continue reading


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CommonSense InvestSense ERISA 401(k)/403(b) Litigation

The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. – Father Theodore Hesburgh, University of Notre Dame Over twenty years ago, I registered the domain name “investsense.com.” Since then, I … Continue reading

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The Often Overlooked Fiduciary “Gotcha”: The Fiduciary Duty (and Challenge) of Cost-Consciousness

The vast majority of active managers are unable to produce excess returns that cover their costs.1 I recently posted an article discussing a brilliant complaint that was filed in connection with a new 401(k) excessive fees/breach of fiduciary duties action. … Continue reading

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